Roller Derby Saved My Soul

Hey so I'm thinking about trying out for the rosebuds since I live in Portland but I have no experience skating yet which obviously needs to be reminded, but mostly I'm pretty terrified because I don't know what to expect. Could you give me some tips as for what to expect and the best ways to prepare and stuff? Thanks! from shiva-lily


Coyote: Calling on BratMobile or any other rosebud to answer this one!

Hey! Rosebuds has been 100% no prior experience required for as long as I have been on and I would say at least 80% of skaters come in without being able to stake. Also the league is in desperate need of skaters of any skill level so we will be more then happy for anyone to join us. That said it does help to take some time to practice at oaks park and just get comfortable on skates. I would recommend watching some tutorials on how to do basic stops (t-stop and plow stop) and how to fall correctly (one knee fall and two knee falls) because those are the first things that you will be taught. Make sure you wear at least knee pads whenever you practice even at oaks park. Rosebuds is very accepting for new skaters and there will be rosebud representatives to help you as you start skating. Also they might try to scare you by saying they won’t take everyone (to make you try harder) but it is absolutely untrue and it is very low pressure! Hope that’s helpful and if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask.